Jocelyn Harewood

Jocelyn Harewood

Jocelyn Harewood's parents shifted most years with their work (Salvation Army officers) so this may be why she travels so much. It may also explain the missionary zeal she feels when she starts a new book. Her first novel, Voices in the Wash-House, was to tell the world that teenagers aren't just noisy, unpredictable and expensive. Teenagers care. The book was runner-up for the Premier's Literary Award. She has written six Young Adult works of fiction, all laugh-out-loud funny.
She was asked to novelise Wright's movies, including Romper Stomper. Sadly, as she finished the last one, Lover Boy, her dad died. Her reaction to this black time was a wildly colouful kids' book, Flying Colours, where the hero is zapped into worlds of colour by his temperamental computer.x


Vanuatu & New Caledonia TSK 6e
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Vanuatu & New Caledonia TSK 6e
Jocelyn Harewood
Discover the benefits of comprehensive on-the-ground research. We've checked out every island, every resort, every restaurant. We've paddled lagoons, sampled coffees, croissants and cocktails and loun...


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