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Książka Doctor Dolittle

Doctor Dolittle

The charming novel is adapted to allow younger children to enjoy Hugh Lofting's tale of a 19th century English doctor who retires from treating humans in order to care for animals. With the help of hi...
Książka Metropolitan Problems

Metropolitan Problems

"Metropolitan Problems" is the end-product of one of the most dynamic research programmes of its kind ever conceived and executed. The book, which took three years to complete, represents the culminat...
Książka Pied Piper

Pied Piper

The town of Hamelin is filled with rats! There are rats in the cupboards, rats in the marketplace, rats in the doghouses, even rats in the pots and pans. The rats are eating all the food, chewing thro...
Książka The police

The police

Książka Twelve Dancing Princesses

Twelve Dancing Princesses

"Miles", E. Helborough
Princess Jessamine loves to dance. Every night, when the rest of the castle has gone to bed, she and her sisters descend a hidden staircase to an enchanted kingdom where they dance through the night--...
Książka Warren Buffett Wealth

Warren Buffett Wealth

Warren Buffett is both a unique investor and individual. He is one of the few to ever become a billionaire by investing in the stock market, yet he still does his own tax return, has never issued hims...
Książka Wind in the Willows

Wind in the Willows

"Miles", "Ladybird"
Since its beginnings as a series of stories told to Kenneth Grahame's young son, The Wind in the Willows has become one of the best-loved children's books ever. Toad, Rat, Mole, and Badger will find y...


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