Business Marketing Connecting Strategy Relationships & Learn

F. Robert Dwyer
Business Marketing Connecting Strategy Relationships & Learn
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This text is targeted at the undergraduate Business Marketing course. It introduces the concepts of marketing to businesses and stresses the importance of building relationships with customers.New Cases. The authors have hand picked new cases that relate closely to the material in the chapters.|New From The Field. Two per chapter with one globally focused, these provide examples and additional concepts to support the chapter.|New Business 2 Business Boxes. Two per chapter, with at least one using the company from the opening profile. This feature encourages students to pause and reflect, incorporating different aspects of learning.|New Discussion Questions. Most of the questions are new to this edition and the authors added ethics questions to every chapter.|New Internet Exercises have been added to keep up with the changing and evolving information on the Web.|New End of chapter cases test the studentsĹź knowledge in new ways.|New Additional Readings for students to receive further information for each chapter and its concepts.|Relationship marketing is totally integrated and not an after thought.|Best coverage of how marketing fits in and contributes to the organization.|Based in theory but always with a practical application.|A learning organization perspective provides a cutting-edge feel.|Technology is emphasized throughout, in part by providing web sites for all chapter-opening profiles and Web exercises at the end of each chapter.|Material from all business disciplines integrated throughout to strengthen students' ability to practice business marketing.|The text stresses an emphasis on growing business from current customers--the only book that intentionally emphasizes current customers throughout the text but especially in the Marketing Opportunities chapter and the Developing and Managing Products chapter, along with a Customer Retention centre.|Unique treatment of electronic marketing and other forms of direct communication in the One to One Marketing chapter.|The best treatment of evaluating marketing performance. The book includes integration of ABC accounting as applied to marketing, the use of the balanced scorecard, and other state-of-the-art methods not found in any detail (if at all) in other books.|Unique chapters: Weaving Marketing into the Fabric of the Firm; The One to One Media; and Customer Retention and Maximization.|Each chapter opens with a company or industry profile that is then used as a running example throughout the chapter.
Data wydania: 2005
ISBN: 978-0-07-124438-1, 9780071244381
Język: angielski
Wydawnictwo: McGraw-Hill

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