CD-ROM Rheumatology

J. Klippel
CD-ROM Rheumatology
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Based on the second edition of the book that set new standards in medical publishing--Rheumatology--this interactive CD atlas features changes and advances in rheumatology during the past two years. It offers a stunning visual collection of key areas of rheumatology at an affordable price. The added value of complementary text, interactive labelling, and powerful search and index functions makes this an excellent source for clinical teachers, trainees, and clinicians. Users can import images and text to their computers' hard disks.* Comprehensive, up to date text, fully integrated with clinical medicine. * All sections have been meticulously planned. Tight-controlled chapter templates ensure consistent style and level of approach across sections. * User-friendly format, uniform presentation and page-by-page design. * Practical information presented in problem-oriented chapters: the Practical Problems. * Relevant to both academic rheumatologists and non-academic practitioners. * 2500 high quality, 16-bit images throughout, including colour photographs, specially designed conceptual artworks, graphs, and tables plus top-quality black and white imaging. * Gives both imperial and SI units, making this program accessible to international markets. * CD-ROM gives access to all features of the parent book, and gives powerful search facilities of both text and figures. * Image browser, with images pre-classified by clinical content and image type, allows user to search for images under clinical speciality with the convenience of viewing the results of the search as 12 thumbnail images at a time. * Slidebox allows user to organise the images on the disk for use in slide presentations. * 25\% completely new chapters to this edition, 16\% revised chapters, 59\% updated chapters. Virtually every chapter in this parent book have been updated in some way. * Nearly 50\% new practice problems. The remainder have been updates or revised. * Expert theme editors give special attention to therapeutics, orthopaedics, and imaging. * Dazzling line-up of new editors and new combinations of editors means that all dead wood from the first edition have been cut out. * 30\% new contributors, with a total of 253. * Reorganised format contributes to order and logical structure of the information.
Data wydania: 1998
ISBN: 978-0-7234-3000-1, 9780723430001
Język: angielski
Wydawnictwo: Mosby

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