Communication Disorders in Infants & Toddlers 3e

Frances P. Billeaud
Książka Communication Disorders in Infants & Toddlers 3e
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This concise text is a clinical reference for professionals as well as a guide to the resources applicable to working with children diagnosed with or at risk for communicative delay or impairments. Current information on assessment methods, implications of specific diagnosis, and encouraging developments through parent-professional teaming are presented with recent research findings, maiking this both a valuable student reference and an excellent clinical tool.Appendices include extensive assessment tools and procedures, Internet resources, and administrative references.Focuses on the practice encountered in health care settings or in private practices rather than school or preschool settings, which benefits clinicians and trainees who deal with these young patients before they enter school.Expert authorship lends credibility and authority to the information presented.Emphasizes the need for effective interaction and communication in a multidisciplinary team working with young, communication-impaired patients, providing crucial information and training on how to participate in a community environment dedicated to delivering outstanding care.Includes information on important topics such as parental involvement, federal legislative initiatives, Managed Care issues, and multidisciplinary teamwork.Well-referenced, up-to-date discussions incorporate the latest research in this area.New material has been added throughout each chapter.A new chapter on the hot topic of Autism Spectrum Disorder - a disorder that is being identified in infants and toddlers at an increasing rate - to help SLPs make a valid diagnosis and appropriate management decisions.Internet resources for both professionals and families are provided in a new appendix
Data wydania: 2003
ISBN: 978-0-7506-7421-8, 9780750674218
Język: angielski
Wydawnictwo: Butterworth Heinemann

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