Creative Drawing

Howard J. Smagula
Creative Drawing
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Designed for an undergraduate course in Drawing I, Drawing Concepts, or Creative Drawing, Smagula's Creative Drawing emphasizes critical thinking in conjunction with fundamental techniques to achieve practical results.Western, non-Western, and Historical Traditions. The text includes illustration of techniques and from Lascaux to Leonardo and includes masterpieces from European and Asian styles.|Integrated Exercises. 72 projects are interspersed throughout the text. Each has a list of materials, instructions, and illustrations.|309 illustrations; 30 in full color. High quality, large format black and white and color pictures throughout the book help illustrate key concepts and principles.|Student Work. Alongside the established classics, readers can consider the work of students employing similar media and techniques. All of the student work is presented right along side professionals, and all are the result of the author's teaching.|Visual Thinking. Chapter Nine provides students with an introduction to the creative process - applying the skills they have learned to challenges of design, as well as harnessing their creativity to discover solutions to complex projects.|Practical Guides. Guides on Choosing Special Papers (Guide 1), Conserving, Matting, and Framing Drawings (Guide 2), and Photographing your Drawings (Guide 3), give practical advice to drawing students on special topics.|Drawing Applications. Chapter 13: Drawing Applications (formerly limited to computer-aided drawing) has been expanded and completely rewritten to illustrate potential career paths for aspiring artists.
Data wydania: 2002
ISBN: 978-0-07-248282-9, 9780072482829
Język: angielski
Wydawnictwo: McGraw-Hill

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