Cyberlaw National & International Perspectives

R. Girasa
Ksi─ů┼╝ka Cyberlaw National & International Perspectives
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The text is designed as a basic course in the legal aspects of Internet law (cyberlaw) to be taken by undergraduate and graduate students in diverse disciplines. There are no prerequisites of extensive prior legal knowledge but rather assumes only a very basic knowledge of general legal principles.The text is comprehensive and covers all of the generally recognized major areas of the subject matter. Among the subjects covered is a basic understanding of the Internet, jurisdiction, contracts, torts, crimes, intellectual property in considerable detail, privacy, antitrust, securities, and the taxation of Internet sales. The text is broad enough to be used in a law school curriculum.Cases-Each chapter contains an average of four to six leading cases. Each case is followed by several thought provoking questions requiring an analysis of the data discussed therein. At the end of each chapter are a series of some ten questions, half of which are additional cases that students can research and respond to. Assists students in comprehending the importance and substance of current Internet law. Ex.___Current coverage-Covers UCITA (Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act). Provides students with the most current Act that students should be acquainted with in order to apply Internet contracts to commercial practices. Ex.___International coverage-International aspects of cyberlaw are discussed in each chapter rather than being covered in an isolated chapter of the text. Enables students to integrate global coverage as each subject is discussed rather than learning about it at the conclusion of the course, when it will have the least impact. Ex.___Additional resources-The text contains numerous additional cases that amplify the subject matter under discussion. Practical applications of cyberlaw are included in many sections of the text. A detailed bibliographic reference is appended for further research. Provides students with exposure to the many facets to which the subject matter entails and extends. Ex.___Author supported website-The Companion Website will be maintained by the author wherein the latest developments in computer law will be highlighted. The latest cases, appeals, etc., with discussion questions. International developments will be particularly highlighted on the website. Additionally, the website will amplify and be responsive to questions asked by the reader. Provides students with constant updates of the latest developments in this fast-changing legal field. Ex.___
Data wydania: 2002
ISBN: 978-0-13-065564-6, 9780130655646
J─Özyk: angielski
Wydawnictwo: Prentice Hall

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