Designer & the Grid

L. Roberts
Designer & the Grid
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The Designer and the Grid reveals the key to the hidden driving force behind almost all graphic design: the grid. The book begins by reviewing its ubiquity in a cultural context before concentrating on the principles of the grid within graphic design. Case studies and interviews then explore what the grid means to leading contemporary graphic designers. Essays by an architect, a musicologist, a screenwriter and a Web designer deal with the grid as a universal idea; a step-by-step look at the mathematical precision of QuarkXPress reveals the digital grid. Provocatively, the book closes with a discussion of the implications for grid-bound design of the new CAD/CAM technologies. Do they spell the end of the grid as we know it? The Designer and the Grid is richly illustrated, with paired visuals showing designs both with and without their underlying grids. The favourite grids of top designers, including Simon Esterson, Vaughan Oliver, Ellen Upton and Muller & Hesse are also featured in this unique book
Data wydania: 2005
ISBN: 978-2-88046-814-9, 9782880468149
Wydawnictwo: Rotovision

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