Motor Learning & Performance 2e

R. Schmidt
Motor Learning & Performance 2e
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This problem-based learning approach challenges students to develop the ability to think critically, helping them not only to understand the process of skill performance, but also to gain the ability to select, assimilate, and apply the concepts and principles covered in the book to real-world settings. Once students have a solid grasp of the fundamental principles and research findings for motor performance and learning and have developed some effective problem-solving strategies, they will be able to help individuals learn or relearn nearly any motor skill.
The book is divided into four parts:
• Part I provides background information about motor behavior and definitions of the foundational terms used throughout the book. • Part II introduces the conceptual model of human performance, beginning with a basic information-processing model and gradually adding key elements. • Part III demonstrates how to apply the conceptual model to the learning of motor skills, including using feedback for learners. • Part IV explains how professional practitioners can combine the conceptual model with a problem-based learning approach to assist learners.
Motor Learning and Performance retains useful features from the first edition to aid students learning, including chapter objectives, highlight boxes, chapter summaries, review questions, and an index.
Plus, many new elements have been added to the second edition to share updated information in a meaningful way, including the following:
• Chapter Outline—-mini-index of chapter topics • Overview—-brief summary of the purpose of each chapter • Running Glossary—-lists and defines new terms in the margins of each page • "It Depends"—-requires the students to identify important decision-making and problem-solving factors • Special Tidbits—-sidebars of interesting facts and quotes that bring to life the key points within each chapter; • Application Exercises—-test the students’ ability to use a problem- based approach in finding reasonable solutions using four contexts: teaching, coaching, rehabilitation, and everyday motor skills • Case Studies—-present four specific examples that demonstrate both practical problems and potential solutions • Culminating Project—-a part of Chapter 12 that challenges the students to apply all the concepts covered in the book
The book’s straightforward language and many special features make it an excellent introduction to the topic—students don’t need prior knowledge of physiology, psychology, statistical methods, or other basic sciences to understand the text.
This introductory undergraduate book offers a fundamental understanding of motor performance theory. Revised and updated, this new edition uses a problem-based approach to learning and skill instruction. Students learn the basics of motor performance while, at the same time, developing problem-solving skills through a series of applied exercises. Using examples that are practical rather than abstract, this text leads students to make the connection between theoretical information and real-life appication. Readers learn how to ask the right questions to conceptualize problems in a more effective way. Based on Richard Schmidt's conceptual model of human performance, this text challenges students to think critically across a wide range of applications. They should then be able to: identify the pertinent factors contributing to the problem; provide viable intervention strategies; apply effective motor learning principles; set up effective practice routines; set realistic goals; measure progress; and apply critical thinking skills.
Data wydania: 2000
ISBN: 978-0-88011-500-1, 9780880115001
Język: angielski
Wydawnictwo: Human Kinetics

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