My Life as Emperor

Su Tong
My Life as Emperor
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It takes mere days for a shy, wistful 14-year-old prince to turn into a full-fledged terror as emperor when rule over the fictional Xie Empire is unexpectedly bequeathed to him in this gorgeous bloodbath of a novel, the latest from the author of Rice and the Raise the Red Lantern series of novellas (filmed by Zhang Yimou). Told in the first person, the book chronicles the boy-emperor Duanbai\'s matter-of-fact demands, appetites and diversions, which involve everything from settling paltry old scores with lethal force to removing the tongues of discarded concubines. Only a young court eunuch named Swallow manages to elicit something resembling true affection from the young emperor over the course of their peculiar and at times heartbreaking eight-year relationship. Tong\'s lush prose style (\'The corpses looked like wooden logs lying in the snow-covered wheat fields, though the rank smell of blood hovered above them\') provides the perfect counterpoint, as well as startling detail and texture, to the perilous court life it recounts. Threaded in are the moral lessons of the monk Juekong, heeded by Duanbai only after it is far too late. Tong claims in his preface that this \'scary dream on a rainy night\' is set \'in no particular time\'; applied to today\'s world, it becomes powerful allegory.
Data wydania: 2005
ISBN: 978-1-4013-0793-6, 9781401307936
Język: angielski
Wydawnictwo: Time Warner Book Group
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