New Products Management

C. Merle Crawford
New Products Management
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New Products Management, 8/e, by Crawford and Di Bennedetto provides future new product managers, project managers and team leaders with a comprehensive overview of the new product development process including how to develop an effective development strategy, manage cross-functional teams across the organization, generate and evaluate concepts, manage the technical development of a product, develop the marketing plan, and manage the financial aspects of a project.Many New and Updated Examples and Applications: Integrated throughout the text to give the student a view of how products are developed in different companies.|Deeper coverage of radical new product development: in Chapter 2, the familiar new products approach is adapted to radical innovation with strategies such as the probe-and-learn approach. Speed to market and the role of the new products team are discussed here. |Elimination of Chapter 15 (Special Topics): most of these topics are now integrated into appropriate places elsewhere in the text. For example, speed to market, as mentioned above, is covered in Chapter 2 and global new product issues are now covered in the organizational discussion in Chapter 14. |Chapter 18 on Market Testing: Chapters 19 and 20 from the 7th edition are not greatly updated and combined into one chapter. |Fewer chapters: because of the two changes listed previously, the book is trimmed down from 22 chapters to 20. This helps instructors cover the entire book in one semester. |New cases: Continued inclusion of more than one case per chapter allows instructors to present more than one example from recent business headlines. New cases include a new low-carb snack cake (Chapter 2), design of the MINI Cooper (Chapter 13), and launch management for Levitra (Chapter 19). |Management Approach/Marketing Perspective: Comprehensive coverage of new product development process and practice prepares students to manage the people and processes from a marketing perspective.|Process Orientation: A New Product Process presented in Chapter 2 serves as an outline of the rest of the textbook and provides students with an up-to-date framework for developing new products.|Cross-Functional Approach: The authors emphasize that effective management of cross-functional teams is key to new product development success and provide the student with many concrete examples of good team management practices.|Strong Coverage of Team Management Issues: An understanding of what a team is for and comprehension of team mission and strategy is critical in new products management. Team assignment, team leadership, selecting team members and the various roles played by the team as well as team training compensation and motivation, are analyzed to illustrate the importance of teams in new products management.|Non-Marketing Views Considered: As an extension of the cross-functional approach, non-marketing views are presented as they naturally arise and are not forced into a single chapter. This helps students appreciate the multi-functional nature of product development in each phase of the development process. |Key Websites Referenced Throughout: About two dozen product-related websites of interest that illustrate many of the methods or provide extra reading material, are included throughout the text for students to visit for additional insights.
Data wydania: 2005
ISBN: 978-0-07-124433-6, 9780071244336
Język: angielski
Wydawnictwo: McGraw-Hill

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