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Operations Management
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For the core course in Operations Management. Operations Management Flexible Edition 8th edition delivers the best problems in the industry (ie. examples, solved problems, and homework problems). This innovative package consists of a core textbook, a Student Lecture Guide (for note-taking in class), and a student CD-ROM all packaged together. The Flexible Version contains all the contents and features of their best-selling hardcover text, but packages them in a new, less-expensive, flexible format. The hardcover version (OM 8e) features 17 core chapters and 6 quantitative modules. A briefer version is also available called Principles of Operations Management, 6e. Operations Management Flexible 8th edition delivers the best problems in the industry (ie. examples, solved problems, and homework problems). How do you motivate students? Do you follow the outline of the text in your lectures? Do you work problems in class? Would you be interested in a version of Heizer that has a lecture guide that students can bring to class and save some money at the same time?FLEXIBLE VERSION. The flexible version includes: Paperback text-Includes all the content from the Heizer/Render's Operations Management, 8th edition minus the end of chapter homework material which is now included in the Student Lecture Guide. Student Lecture Guide-This brief manual provides chapter outlines, text illustrations, practice problems, and all of the end of chapter homework material. Ample space is provided for students to take their notes. Student CD-ROM-Provides numerous interactive and problem solving resources to engage students. It includes POM-QM for Windows, Excel OM Software, Active Models, video clips, practice problems, etc... FLEXIBILITY-Students can read the core text before lecture and take the Student Lecture Guide to class, while instructors have the option of following the framework provided by the Student Lecture Guide or using their own lecture notes. Provides a better system for teaching and learning the material. MOST PROBLEMS IN THE INDUSTRY*Heizer/Render recognizes the importance of providing the largest, clearest, and most diverse problem sets in the industry. The 597 problems are coded on a 1, 2, 3, or 4-dot difficulty level. These are supplemented by 166 homework problems on the book's web site. Solutions to all these are in the Instructor's Solutions Manual, written by the authors. Examples: pp. 142-150, 213-215, 244-250When your students are stuck on homework problems, where do they usually turn in the book for help? Do you work examples into class? Do you find your students struggle with knowing how to approach these problems? Would step-by-step examples to coach students through the process be helpful? Worked Out Examples & Solved Problems Step-by-step worked out examples of OM problems are extremely helpful in an analytical course. The chapters contain 141 examples which are reinforced by 66 end-of-chapter Solved Problems. Further, the student CD and text web site each contain over a hundred additional Practice Problems. Examples: pp. 118-119, 121, 124, 226, 231 Solved Problems: pp. 138-140, 242-243How do you prepare students for your exams? Do you recommend practice problems? Do you assign homework? What types of problems are important? Would you be interested in problems that progress in level of difficulty?New! Challenging Problems Expand the Range of Homework Problems This edition takes a 1, 2, 3-dot level of difficulty for each problem up a notch by increasing to a 1, 2, 3, 4-dot system with additional challenging 4-dot problems in each chapter. Examples: pp. 215, 376, 510Do you grade homework? Would you be interested in an online homework resource that offers static/algorithmic problems, student feedback, and can save you time with grading?New! Integrated Online Homework with OneKey which includes PH Grade Assist OneKey provides easy access to all digital resources available with the text, including our powerful online homework resource called PH Grade Assist. With PH Grade Assist, many of the homework problems and our Test Item File can now be assigned online for students. With dozens of options for randomizing the sequence, timing, feedback, and scoring, PH Grade Assist makes giving and grading homework and exams an easy task. Many of the problems have been converted to "algorithmic" form so that you can assign problems where each student has different data. Plus, the system automatically records the grades into an instructor's gradebook. OTHER POINTS OF DIFFERENTIATION: SERVICE INTEGRATIONWith job opportunities moving from manufacturing to a more service driven economy, would you be interested in a book that has a better service integration?Throughout the text, the authors feature an extensive amount of service applications and firms to give students an in-depth look at operations in the real-world. - Example: See inside front cover for a sample of the companies interspersed throughoutNEW! Arnold Palmer Hospital Seven Video Cases, a Global Company Profile, and numerous examples, video clips, and photo illustrations highlight service operations at this world-class hospital. Examples: pp. 60, 192-193, 208, 217 Topics include: Project Management, Quality, Process Analysis, Capacity Planning, Facility Layout, Supply Chain Management, and Just-In-time Inventory, etc. Award Winning Videos. Out of 10,000 entries in the Telly Award Competitions, the Quality video was chosen as a Winner and the Process Analysis Video as a Finalist. Hard Rock Café Seven Video Cases, a Global Company Profile, and numerous examples, video clips, and photo illustrations highlight service operations at this widely recognized international chain. Examples: pp. 2-3, 24, 34, 99, 175 Topics include: Operations Management, Global Strategy, Project Management, Forecasting, Location, Scheduling, Human Resources, etc. Is it important to have a balance between service and manufacturing examples?Balance between services and manufacturing Both service and manufacturing examples are critical in an Operations Management course. The authors have carefully blended the two together throughout the text. To emphasize each, the authors followed two manufacturing organizations, a restaurant chain, a hospital, and a university. Service examples: See Inside Front Cover Manufacturing examples: pp. 258 (Harley-Davidson example), 359 (Necor Steel example), 516 (Anheuser-Busch), 550 (Collin Industries), etc.ETHICSBased on AACSB accreditation requirements are you incorporating more ethics into your course?NEW! Ethics in Operations Management Each chapter features a new "Ethical Dilemma" and most chapters have more integrated discussions of ethics as well. These exercises provide an ideal way to generate thought/discussion of ethical issues. Examples: pp. 185, 212, 401SOFTWARE ON STUDENT CDDo you use software for in-class demonstration, what-if scenario's, or homework? Do you prefer generic/blackbox software? NEW! POM-QM for Windows Software Now included FREE on the student CD, this easy-to-use Windows based software allows students to solve the homework problems that are labeled with a P in the text. Examples: pp. 242, 244-250, 500, 505-510 Do you prefer an Excel add-in?Excel OM Our Excel add-in, is found on the student CD-ROM, and may be used to tackle many of the problems labeled with the following icon in the text. Examples: pp. 241, 244-250, 500, 505-510 Do you prefer to have students build Excel spreadsheets from scratch?NEW! Excel Spreadsheets Many professors prefer to let students build their own Excel models. New to this edition are examples of how to do this! This feature appears in the following chapters: Forecasting (Ch.4), Statistical Process Control (Ch. 6 Supplement), Inventory (Ch. 12), Linear Programming (Module B), and Simulation (Module F). Examples: pp. 137, 241, 500Do you prefer Excel spreadsheets tied to the text?Active Model Exercises Interactive Excel spreadsheets of examples in the textbook that allow the student to explore and better understand these important quantitative concepts. Students and instructors can adjust inputs to the model and, in effect, answer a whole series of "what if" questions that are provided. Examples: pp. 244, 504, 617 Do you cover the Project Management Chapter? Do you use Microsoft Project?Microsoft Project The authors highlight MS Project in the Project Management chapter of the text. You can package a 120-trial version with the text at no additional cost. Contact your local PH rep. Examples: pp. 79-83CASESDo you incorporate cases in your class? What type do you prefer?Extensive Case MaterialThe most extensive set of short, real-world cases. 57 case studies (including 22 video cases), each ½- 1 ½ pages long, with a vast majority from real-world companies. 54 additional cases included on our website. Examples: pp. 97 (Southwestern University), 152 (Digital Cell Phone), 188 (De Mar's)Each chapter includes selected Harvard cases that match the chapter content in case you are interested in creating a course pack that includes this material.Examples: pp. 100, 153, 189FREE STUDENT CD Contains exciting interactive resources to engage students and includes the following:Student Study Tools:PowerPoint Lecture Notes Practice Problems Self Study Quizzes Video Cases/Clips Software:POM-QM for Windows SoftwareExcel OMActive ModelsHow do you emphasize globalization in your course?Global Company Profiles Each chapter opens with a two-page, full- analysis of a leading global organization. These include Amazon, Volkswagen, Dell, Arnold Palmer Hospital, Delta Airlines, McDonald's, Boeing, and many more. Examples: pp. 2-3 (Hard Rock), 26-27 (Boeing), 192-193 (Arnold Palmer), 254-255 (Dell), etc.Chapter 2: Operations Strategy in a Global Environment This unique chapter highlights the challenges and opportunities of global operations and their strategies.Do you use current articles from newspapers, magazines, and professional journals to demonstrate operations in practice?OM in Action Boxes 58 half-page examples of recent OM practices are drown from a wide variety of sources, including the The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Fortune, Forbes, and Harvard Business Review. Examples: pp. 173 (Chasing Fads in Cell-Phone Industry), 323 (Locations Help Starbucks Brew up New Cafés), 436 (Outsourcing Not to India)
Data wydania: 2006
ISBN: 978-0-13-220929-8, 9780132209298
Język: angielski
Wydawnictwo: Prentice Hall
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