Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties

J. Collier
Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties
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'More than ever, the sixth edition of the highly acclaimed Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties fulfils its role as the essential one-stop port of call for all the clinical specialties: Obstetrics, Gynacology, Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Primary Care, ENT, Eyes, Skin diseases, Anaesthesia, Orthopaedics and Trauma. It's ten books in one, and from this point of view alone it must be the best-value medical book ever. And it's an exciting read because, by virtue of its diversity and because within it all the specialties are interrelated, it offers unrivalled opportunities for multidisciplinary learning. It's only one inch thick, yet in this inch lie all the ideas and facts essential to those who will or who are already caring for patients whose needs may or may not fit within the traditional bounds of individual specialties. The ideas may be difficult, and the facts may be numerous, but here they are made comprehensible and memorable, laid out in the Oxford Handbook's characteristic style, the consistent page-a-topic format with space for the reader's own updatings and refinements. So this new edition scores 10 out of 10 because: 1. Its ten books for the price of one-so there is no medical exam that it cannot help you to pass (for a start, it even teaches you to master your own anxiety). 2. It's intimately linked to the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine, so that together they provide an internally consistent view of the whole of clinical medicine and cover everything you need to know about medicine and surgery. 3. Full of practical advice, with step-by-step guides and dosages given in full. 4. It's thoroughly up-to-date and more evidence-based than ever before. 5. With many hundredsof links to reliable medical internet sites such as Medline and Clinical Evidence, it is easy for readers to probe beneath the topics covered. 6. It's holistic and multidisciplinary 7. It's authoritative (all sections double-checked by senior specialists)-yet always aware of medicine's short-comings. 8. It's human, it's humorous, yet all the while it is deeply serious about communicating not just recipes for care but a philosophy of medicine which has come to be respected around the world. 9. More illustrations, with NEW colour pictures in Opthamology and Dermatology. 10. It's small; it's neat - and it just can't wait to get into your pocket.'
Data wydania: 2003
ISBN: 978-0-19-852518-9, 9780198525189
Język: angielski
Wydawnictwo: Oxford University Press
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