Principles of Managerial Finance (IE)

L. Gitman
Principles of Managerial Finance (IE)
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Gitman's proven learning system makes it easy for students to understand and fully appreciate the key concepts, tools, and techniques needed for astute financial decision making in today's competitive business arena. The text's organization conceptually links the firm's actions to its value as determined in the securities markets. Each major decision area is presented in terms of both risk and return factors and their potential impact on the owner's wealth, as reflected by share value. With a reliable and consistent framework, Gitman defines learning goals at the start of each chapter and incorporates a diverse group of pedagogical aids, using real-world examples and exercises to foster students' comprehension of both theory and practice.Purchase of text also includes Principles of Managerial Finance CD-ROM student software for Windows, which contains the following tutorials: Principles of Managerial Finance Tutor, Principles of Managerial Finance Problem-Solver, and Principles of Managerial Finance Excel Spreadsheet Templates. A well-respected, comprehensive, and effective learning system. New chapter-opening vignettes describe a real company experience related to the aspect of managerial finance covered in the chapter. Each chapter contains two "In Practice" boxes connecting financial concepts with real-world experience, now with ethical and technology focuses. New spreadsheet strategies incorporated into each chapter. New "Focus on Value" element reinforces the link between the financial manager's actions and share value. New "Across the Disciplines" element opens every chapter with a discussion of the intersection of the finance topics covered in the chapter with the concerns of the other major business disciplines. Streamlined presentation features 18 chapters rather than 20. Early coverage of financial planning. New "Focus on Ethics" boxes help students appreciate important ethical issues in finance. New "Focus on E-Finance" boxes describe how companies are using new technologies in their application of finance principles.
Data wydania: 2002
ISBN: 978-0-321-11638-3, 9780321116383
J─Özyk: angielski
Wydawnictwo: Addison Wesley Publishing Company

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