Spectral Properties of Banded Toeplitz Matrices

Albrecht Bottcher
Książka Spectral Properties of Banded Toeplitz Matrices
Książka Spectral Properties of Banded Toeplitz Matrices
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This self-contained introduction to the behavior of several spectral characteristics of large Toeplitz band matrices is the first systematic presentation of a relatively large body of knowledge. Covering everything from classic results to the most recent developments, Spectral Properties of Banded Toeplitz Matrices is an important resource. The spectral characteristics include determinants, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, pseudospectra and pseudomodes, singular values, norms, and condition numbers. Toeplitz matrices emerge in many applications and the literature on them is immense. They remain an active field of research with many facets, and the material on banded ones until now has primarily been found in research papers. The book may serve both as a text for introducing the material and as a reference. The approach is based on the know-how and experience of the authors in combining functional analytical methods with hard analysis and in applying operator theoretical methods to matrix theory, which reveals the essence of several phenomena and leads to significant improvements in existing results. All basic results presented in the book are precisely stated as theorems and accompanied by full proofs. Audience This book is written for applied mathematicians, engineers, and scientists who encounter Toeplitz matrices in their research. It also will be of interest to mathematicians in the fields of operator theory, numerical analysis, structured matrices, or random matrix theory, and physicists, chemists, biologists, and economists who deal with stationary statistical and stochastic problems. Parts of the book are suitable for use as a graduate-level text on Toeplitz matrices or analysis. Contents Preface; Chapter 1: Infinite Matrices; Chapter 2: Determinants; Chapter 3: Stability; Chapter 4: Instability; Chapter 5: Norms; Chapter 6: Condition Numbers; Chapter 7: Substitutes for the Spectrum; Chapter 8: Transient Behavior; Chapter 9: Singular Values; Chapter 10: Extreme Eigenvalues; Chapter 11: Eigenvalue Distribution; Chapter 12: Eigenvectors and Pseudomodes; Chapter 13: Structured Perturbations; Chapter 14: Impurities; Bibliography; Index.
Data wydania: 2005
ISBN: 978-0-89871-599-6, 9780898715996
Wydawnictwo: Society of Industrial & Applied Mathematics U.S

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