Strategic Management in the Aviation Industry

Werner Delfmann
Strategic Management in the Aviation Industry
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This book provides a comprehensive overview of current strategic challenges and measures required to meet those challenges in a dynamic industry. Experts from aviation practice and management, in addition to acknowledged scholars, contribute to this volume and combine academic expertise with economic and business perspectives in an unprecedented way for the aviation field. The focus is not restricted to passenger airlines. The five parts of the book additionally include chapters on alliance management and formation, strategic issues for air freight carriers and airport companies, as well as impacts the airline industry exerts on its environment. The book combines both concepts and results from recent academic research with applications and case studies from major industry players. Readership includes academics, students on advanced aviation courses, senior aviation professionals in airline, airport and supplier companies, international organizations and governmental agencies.'...essential reading for anyone who is interested in having a comprehensive and up-to-date understanding of the crucial strategic issues involved in managing the aviation industry. It makes an invaluable contribution to the aviation literature by striking an effective balance between academic theory and industry business practice and a key strength lies in the wide-ranging analysis which considers different aspects of both airline and airport operations.' Dr Anne Graham, University of Westminster, UK 'The changes taking place in the aviation industry in recent years have been posing critical problems for airlines, new and old, and for airports. For many airlines, survival depends on their ability to develop new business models to enable them to adapt to the changed environment. This book brings together a wealth of analytical and descriptive material on how airlines and airports are adapting their business models and moulding their strategies. It consists of a well integrated range of papers based on sound analytics and practical experience. As such, it constitutes an essential reference on management challenges in the aviation industry.' Professor Peter Forsyth, Monash University, Australia
Data wydania: 2005
ISBN: 978-0-7546-4567-2, 9780754645672
Język: angielski
Wydawnictwo: Ashgate Publishing Company

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