Strategic Marketing Management Cases

D. Cravens
Strategic Marketing Management Cases
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Strategic Marketing Management Cases is a versatile collection of approximately 45 cases. This casebook has a decision-making focus and addresses the challenges facing marketing managers today. It is organized to reflect the priorities of a marketing manager: market orientation, growth strategies and target market strategies.Two-thirds of the cases in this edition will be new or revised. Over 80\% are situated in the late-1990s and 2000.Substantial emphasis on international marketing decisions facing managers.Balance between short, medium, and longer length cases.Revised PowerPoint slides.Data disk in Excel spreadsheet format included with text contains numerical exhibits from cases.Global coverage expanded: Strategic Marketing accentuates the global perspective by exploring the global dimensions of marketing strategy. This coverage is integrated in every chapter and considered in various cases.Contemporary topics addressed: The author has integrated coverage of strategic relationships, organizational learning, mass customization, teamwork, databases, activity-based costs, value-migration, competitive benchmarking, competing on capabilities, and new organizational forms. Integration of these topics reflects how thorough this revision is and how current the coverage and cases are. This type of coverage is sure to prepare students for the marketing environment today and the future.50+ Cases: 26 of the cases are completely new to the Seventh Edition. Shorter application-focused cases are provided at the end of each part of the book. These cases are useful in applying the concepts and methods discussed in the chapters and can be used for class discussion. They consider a wide variety of business environments (domestic and international, goods and services, organizations of different sizes). A video segment is available for 7 of these comprehensive cases.Pedagogy improved. A theme is followed that emphasizes strategy, cross-functional, technology, and global applications concerning case topics.Internet coverage improved - An Internet Application has been added at the end of each chapter to provide students with an example of a company using the Internet in their market-driven strategy.Process Perspective. Strategic Marketing uses a Process Perspective to examine key concepts and issues involved in selecting strategies and expands beyond the traditional focus on the marketing mix.Implementation: Strategic Marketing investigates the components of a market-driven strategy, with clear emphasis on how to execute strategic analysis and planning.Extensive Instructor's Manual including Teaching Notes for each case.
Data wydania: 2001
ISBN: 978-0-07-112491-1, 9780071124911
Język: angielski
Wydawnictwo: McGraw-Hill

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