USA & Canada on a Shoestring TSK 1e

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USA & Canada on a Shoestring TSK 1e
USA & Canada on a Shoestring TSK 1e
USA & Canada on a Shoestring TSK 1e
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USA & Canada on a ShoestringWhoa ho! The USA and Canada - the world's 3rd- and 2nd-largest countries - offer heartbeat-skipping moments on the countless miles stretching from sea to sea. Are they worth the hype? You betcha. Find out why with sample highlights from our brand new USA & Canada on a shoestring:BEST HOSTELS
HI Clay Hotel & International Hostel, Miami: century-old art-deco beaut - where Al Capone rolled the dice - now offers dorms within walking distance of South Beach nightclubs.
ADK Adirondack Loj, New York State: sit-back lodge sits lakeside on the edge of Adirondack hiking and cross-country ski trails.
Charleston's Historic Hostel: Southern charm casts its grip onto every chair-rocking guest; best is that it's a short stroll from the historic district bars and the water.
Wilderness Hostels, Alberta: along the Icefields Parkway from Banff to Jasper are 10 hostels with hikes, rock climbing and ping-pong.
HI Redwood National Park Hostel: northern California's superb hang-out hostel is right across from the Pacific and near hiking trails that lead past half the state's towering redwoods.BEST COLLEGE TOWNS
Boulder: on the Rockies' front range, hip(pie) Boulder begs its locals to get outside. In summer the town creek welcomes tubing (drunk) students, and nearby canyons draw rock climbers.
Austin: so unlike the rest of the state, with an entrenched music scene, a wing-flapping bat colony and artsy crowd all but drowning out more conservative folk like former resident George W Bush.
Eugene: Eugene scores for its punk Whiteaker district and the prototype for Moe's Tavern from The Simpsons. Eugene may well out-doobie any campus in the country.
Chapel Hill: once home to pre-pro Michael Jordan, Chapel Hill cultivates indie rock for its laid-back, left-leaning University of North Carolina.
Boston: OK it's a city, but Boston bubbles with dozens of schools, bookstores and bars on both sides of the James River. Up in Cambridge, famed Harvard dates from the 17th century.BEST OFF-THE-BEATEN-TRACK PLACES
Sequoia & Kings Canyon: when Yosemite is crawling with visitors, these national parks offer elbow space (and then some), the world's largest tree and views below and above an 8200ft divot of earth.
Nebraska Panhandle: the Great Plains' prehistoric sea floors haven't made much of a dent on mainstream itineraries, but a car-made replica of Stonehenge and Crazy Horse's death site are worth a go.
Wisconsin: Milwaukee is home to Harley and beer. Try Madison for student life, and Green Bay on game day. Two-laners take in the Mississippi or 19th-century villages in Door County.Cape Breton Highlands, Nova Scotia: Canada's great park is no secret, but way off most itineraries: cliff-hanging hikes to backcountry campsites and whale sightings off the rocky coast. Take a kilt for Scottish lore.
West Texas: the Lone Star State is underrated, particularly out west, where you can see unexplained lights at Marfa, one of the most unlikely art centres in the USA, plus loose 'land-o-lost' boulders and hot springs on the Rio Grande at Big Bend National Park.Other suggested Highlights in USA & Canada on a shoestring include: Best Cities; Best National Parks; and Best Activities.
California sunsets, Vegas jackpots, BC rain forests, New York energy - hit the wide open highways to the trip of your choice. Written by and for back├é┬şpackers, this compact, detailed guide lets you go further, stay longer and pay less for the adventure of a lifetime. GET THE INSIDE SCOOP - extensive eating, sleeping and drinking listings, themed highlights and travel-tested budget tips from an intrepid team of backpacking authors FIND YOUR WAY - expanded itineraries and more than 100 + maps put you in charge of your journey DIVE INTO ADVENTURE - outdoor activities chapter covers adrenaline rushes from mountain biking in Moab to skiing Whistler and diving the Florida Keys SEE ANOTHER SIDE - cruise unexplored backroads, scenic byways, hip neighborhoods, diverse cities and vast national parks
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ISBN: 978-1-74059-652-7, 9781740596527
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