George Turner
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Beloved Son told how the world was given atomic power and chose the atom bomb, was given the key to genetic miracles and chose biological warfare. The world was lucky the first time; enough of it remained for salvaging in a few decades. It was simply unfortunate that in those difficult years a new menace arose—the offer of dreams-come-true in this world, here and now. There was a price of course. What World Council could not realize—and did not properly query—was the immensity of the price, but the offer was one nobody in his right mind could refuse. Or could he? Psychiatrist James Lindley recognized the danger of dealing with the Devil but fanatical Police Controller Parker saw it as the Gift of God; Angus, whose name and face changed as often as his coat, saw it as a fine game to be played, while Commissioner Ferendija saw it as an exercise in pragmatism—and Security Tech Sanders lost everything he believed in as the welter of guilt and disillusionment swallowed him whole. Under the pressure of decision the cracks showed in the highest echelons of the proud Ethical Culture. Is there a benefit so great that, if the price were the end of homo sapiens, we would pay it? * THE PRICE OF SURVIVAL The year is 20137. The place - Australia: one of the few land masses uncontaminated by the silent palls of lethal radioactive dust which spread swift death across most of the habitable world back in the 1980s. It's a bleak and alien society for Will and Donald, awoken from a 45-year sleep with searing memories of nuclear death and destruction forever burned deep into their scarred minds. Faced with a psycho-controlled authoritarian society where none are more hated than the 'barbaric' survivors of Armageddon, scapegoats for every birth-pang of the new era, their chances of survival in the brave new world are slim.  
Data wydania: 1983-04-01
ISBN: 0-7221-8643-6, 0722186436
Język: angielski
Wydawnictwo: Sphere Books
Cykl: Ethical Culture, tom 2
Seria: Sphere Science Fiction
Stron: 319
dodana przez: kazal_ka

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