World in the Twentieth Century

D. Brower
World in the Twentieth Century
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For one quarter/semester courses in World History emphasizing the 20th century.The World in the Twentieth Century discusses the major political and economic changes that have reshaped global relations and focuses on the forces leading to the collapse of empires and the resulting rise of nationalism throughout the world. It develops the thematic argument that the single most profound global transformation in human relations during the twentieth century has been the demise of all remaining empires and the emergence-in their place-of nation-states.NEW-Addition of two chapters-One focusing on the First World War and its revolutionary aftermath; the other devoted to the revolutionary conflicts that erupted in East Asia in the years following the Second World War.~Presenting this material with greater detail permits other chapters to incorporate thematic materials in a more coherent manner than in the previous edition.NEW-Material dealing with the troubled history of the Middle East-Including a new Spotlight essay on Osama bin Laden and a new Highlight section on the growing importance of petroleum in modern international relations and politics.~This new material tells a more comprehensive tale and makes this edition a truly up-to-date historical text.NEW-Highlight section devoted to the impact of the Islamic religion-on the evolution of nation-states in the Middle East. ~Presents students with various perspectives on this increasingly important topic.Emphasis on the non-Western and colonial history of the early twentieth century.~Helps students understand the histories of these important regions.Spotlight essay on the leader of the Arab Revolt.~Offers students additional information on the history of the Middle East after the fall of the Ottoman Empire.The latest historical studies of the Japanese Empire.~Discusses the role of the Japanese military and the emperor in explaining the origins of the Second World War in East Asia.Increased focus on religious conflict.~Presents students with the great religious communities in South Asia, and a Spotlight essay on the Dalai Lama.Extensive coverage of the major historic events that closed out the twentieth century.~Emphasizes the role of international peacekeeping efforts to resolve the ethnic conflicts and local wars.A comprehensive yet concise survey.~Explores the political, economic, and international trends of the twentieth century.Analysis of the rise and fall of communism in Europe and Asia- incorporates the role of the Soviet Union in the twentieth century.~Provides students with insight into one of the major totalitarian systems of the twentieth century-presented in a way that relates this topic to the major issues of world history.Coverage of global economic history.~Enables students to consider its emergence and importance-a transformation that has paralleled the empirical dissemination.Chronological presentation-Ending with a discussion of the global economic forces and regional wars of the 1990s.~Draws readers into the narrative, and places world history into the context of today's students' lives.Highlight essays in each chapter-Focus on issues which help explain the significance of crucial events occurring within the timeframe under discussion.~Suggests special interest topics for class discussions and essay questions, connecting events by identifying the essential issues at stake.Biographical Spotlight essays in each chapter.~Enlivens and deepens students' appreciation for history as a lived experience.Jargon-free.~Introduces complex topics using political vocabulary that is familiar to today's students.A wealth of vivid illustrations and photographs.~Provides frequent visual representation of topics under discussion.Up-to-date annotated bibliographies-Includes novels and memoirs as well as historical studies for supplementary and related reading. ~Affords instructors the flexibility to develop separate topics, and students the chance to expand their knowledge, through outside readings and lectures.
Data wydania: 2005
ISBN: 978-0-13-193042-1, 9780131930421
Język: angielski
Wydawnictwo: Prentice Hall

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