Applied Mechanics of Solids

Allan Francis Bower
Applied Mechanics of Solids
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Applied Mechanics of Solids is a powerful tool for understanding how to take advantage of these revolutionary computer advances in the field of solid mechanics. Beginning with a description of the physical and mathematical laws that govern deformation in solids, the text presents modern constitutive equations, as well as analytical and computational methods of stress analysis and fracture mechanics. It also addresses the nonlinear theory of deformable rods, membranes, plates, and shells, and solutions to important boundary and initial value problems in solid mechanics.

The author uses the step-by-step manner of a blackboard lecture to explain problem solving methods, often providing the solution to a problem before its derivation is presented. This format will be useful for practicing engineers and scientists who need a quick review of some aspect of solid mechanics, as well as for instructors and students.

Select and Combine Topics Using Self-Contained Modules and Subsections

Borrowing from the classical literature on linear elasticity, plasticity, and structural mechanics, this book:

Introduces concepts, analytical techniques, and numerical methods used to analyze deformation, stress, and failure in materials or components

Discusses the use of finite element software for stress analysis

Assesses simple analytical solutions to explain how to set up properly posed boundary and initial-value problems

Provides an understanding of algorithms implemented in software code

Complemented by the author’s website, which features problem sets and sample code for self study, this book offers a crucial overview of problem solving for solid mechanics. It will help readers make optimal use of commercial finite element programs to achieve the most accurate prediction results possible.
Data wydania: 2009-10-05
ISBN: 978-1-4398-0247-2, 9781439802472
Język: angielski
Wydawnictwo: CRC Press Inc.
Stron: 820


Allan Francis Bower Allan Francis Bower Professor Bower was educated at the University of Cambridge, and was a University Lecturer in the Department of Engineering at Cambridge before joining Brown as an assistant professor in 1991. He currently serves as co-director (with Dr. Mark Verbru...

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