Encyclopedia of World Literature in 20th Century v 3:L-R

Serafin S.
Encyclopedia of World Literature in 20th Century v 3:L-R
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"Encyclopedia of World Literature in the 20th Century" is widely acclaimed for its in-depth information on the major aspects of literature in the 20th century. Now published by St. James Press, this first new edition in 10 years brings you 3,000 entries -- 250 of them entirely new -- spanning biography, criticism and thoughtful discussion of literary topics.
The Encyclopedia contains: More than 2,000 signed entries on individual authors Approximately 50 national survey entries that review literature from around the world More than 50 entries that discuss genres, movements and trends in literature And many encyclopedic entries on miscellaneous topics
A sampling of author entries: Chinua Achebe Yukio Mishima Theodor Adorno V.S. Naipaul James Baldwin Rainer Maria Rilke Samuel Beckett Wislawa Szymborska Joseph Conrad Gertrude Stein Umberto Eco Mario Vargas Llosa William Faulkner Elie Wiesel Ernest Hemingway Virginia Woolf Ruth Prawer Jhabvala W.B. Yeats Thomas Mann And many others
Arranged in a single alphabetical sequence across 4 volumes, the Encyclopedia's essays are written by experts, reviewed by an independent advisory panel and edited for accessibility to high school and undergraduate students. Author entries include a brief outline of important events in the author's life, a critical essay, a bibliography and a list of further reading. Some entries include excerpted criticism from respected sources. Many include a photograph of the author. Additional features include a table of contents; guest forward; list of expert advisory panel; list of expert contributors; and an index to authors, countries, subjects, proper names and more.
"Encyclopedia of World Literature inthe 20th Century" is especially valuable for its panoramic view of world literature, including excellent coverage of Third World literature not found in other sources. Through its previous editions and supplements, it has served as a classic international reference source for several decades.
Data wydania: 1999
ISBN: 978-1-55862-376-7, 9781558623767
Język: angielski
Wydawnictwo: St. James Press

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