Fairy Tales of Frank Stockton

Frank R. Stockton
Fairy Tales of Frank Stockton
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Best known for his famous story 'The Lady or the Tiger? ' Frank Stockton has only now been rediscovered as the writer of dozens of irresistible fantasy tales. Magical visions, sorcerers both good and evil, dragons and fairies, and enchantment that touches its glittering brush to prince and commoner alike-this is the fabulous world of Frank Stockton, America's first writer of 'fairy tales? ' This superb collection brings back into print 24 of Stockton's best stories, such as 'The Bee-Man of Orn, ' in which an impoverished old man discovers that he has been transformed, but only a quest will reveal from what, or 'The Castle of Bim, ' where a young girl's strange adventures begin with a mysterious knock at the door. Filled with unexpected twists, humor, and realistically drawn worlds where the impossible happens, Stockton's stories are not juvenile fairy tales. but the kind of rich, entertaining fictions that all lovers of quality imaginative writing will relish. Edited and with an Afterword by Jack Zipes. Contents 1. The Griffin and the Minor Canon 2. Old Pipes and the Dryad 3. The Bee-Man of Orn 4. The Queen’s Museum 5. The Banished King 6. Philopena 7. The Accommodating Circumstance 8. The Great Show in Kobol-Land 9. The Poor Count's Christmas 10. The Sisters Three and the Kilmaree 11. Ting-a-Ling 12. Ting-a-Ling and the Five Magicians 13. Ting-a-Ling’s Visit to Tur-il-i-ra 14. The Magical Music 15. The Floating Prince 16. How the Aristocrats Sailed Away 17. The Reformed Pirate 18. Huckleberry 19. The Gudra's Daughter 20. The Emergency Mistress 21. The Sprig of Holly 22. The Magician’s Daughter and the High-Born Boy 23. Derido; or, The Giant's Quilt 24. The Castle of Bim Afterword · Jack Zipes  
Data wydania: 1990
ISBN: 0-451-52479-9, 0451524799
Język: angielski
Wydawnictwo: Penguin Books
Seria: Signet Classics
Stron: 432

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