Practicing German Grammar

Gudrun Loftus, Katrin Kohl, Martin Durrell
Practicing German Grammar
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This lively and inventive workbook is designed to complement the widely-acclaimed second edition of Hammer's German Grammar and Usage. It is primarily intended for students of German with a good basic command of communicative and oral skills who are now seeking to consolidate their knowledge of key grammatical structures of German. To cater for the widely differing needs of individual learners at this level, a comprehensive selection of exercises covering all the major aspects of German grammar is included. The variety of exercises offered is unique for a book of this kind and is designed to suit different types of learning strategy. The book contains not only exercises to practise essential grammatical structures, but also text-based exercises and projects by which students are encouraged to discover grammatical regularities themselves. Many are based on real-life sources, such as newspapers, business literature and twentieth-century novels, and will allow students to gain an authentic sense of current usage. Answers to all exercises are provided, and alternatives are given with explanations where necessary. The book is intended to be suitable for use either with or without a teacher, although some of the projects will be more rewarding if undertaken in small groups rather than individually. All intermediate and advanced students of German will find this book an invaluable aid to developing confidence and competence in grammar and usage. Martin Durrell is Henry Simon Professor of German, University of Manchester. Katrin Kohl is Fellow in German, Jesus College, University of Oxford and Gudrun Loftus is German Language Instructor, University of Oxford.
Data wydania: 1993
ISBN: 978-0-8442-2207-3, 9780844222073
Język: angielski
Wydawnictwo: National Textbook Company

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