Regents of Nations v 1

P. Truhart
Regents of Nations v 1
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What were the names of the Dynasties which ruled the Kingdom of Hungary in the Middle Ages? Who was the Bulgarian foreign minister during the First World War? Which offices did Heinrich Graf Brühl hold in the Electorate of Saxony? How many German chancellors officitated before the recent assumption of the office by a lady? Answers to these and many similar questions can be found in the biographical reference work Regents of Nations, now published in a second, thoroughly enlarged and updated edition. This second part volume, Eastern, Northern & Central Europe. Annex: International Organisations, now completes the area Europe. The individual states and regions are systematically ordered according to historical-geographical aspects, listing the ruling individuals and their ministers chronologically. Thus, in the case of Romania for example, all the rulers of the historical predecessor states within the area of the current state territory, such as Wallachia, the Banat or Moldavia, are recorded chronologically. Historical interaction and connections are thus easily comprehensible. The respective entries provide detailed information, containing the full names, title, dates and places of birth and death. Further known facts, such as relations or special events complete the information. All entries are systematically numbered in sequence, so that finding cross-references, for relations, for example, becomes effortless. Regents of Nations now records about 7,500 states and statelike communities and more than 180,000 political representatives worldwide and from all ages - from the earliest recorded states to the present. Part 1 contains the biographical details of all known rulers of the historical states of the Classical Age. The Parts 2 to 4 are arranged by continent. They begin, chronologically, in the early Middle Ages and continue up to our times. In addition, the appendix of the current Volume 4/2 contains the leaders of current active international organisations, e.g. the UN, the African Union, the FAO and the World Bank - including all presidents and commissioners of the European Union (or the EEC or EC) since 1958. The parts 1 to 4 are now finished. The reference work will be completed by detailed index volumes with indexes of persons, dynasties and states. On account of its unique wealth of material, this all-round historically conceived compendium is an internationally recognised reference work. In all the historically orientated disciplines, it ranks among the fundamental tools of the trade.
Data wydania: 2000
ISBN: 978-3-598-21543-8, 9783598215438
Wydawnictwo: Saur Verlag KG

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