Adventure Tourism Management

R. Buckley
Adventure Tourism Management
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The academic study of the Adventure Tourism is rapidly increasing in popularity, with research beginning to focus on it heavily. This book is a cohesive and comprehensive look at this trillion-dollar industry sector from a variety of perspectives relevant to the teaching of tourism. Ideal for the undergraduate student taking Adventure Tourism as a single subject degree, or as part of their Tourism Management studies, this book documents, analyses and offers insight into the latest research in the area. Includes analysis of products, trends, climate change, risk management and environmental management and many others. The Subsectors section within the book offers an overview of the 20 or more definable sectors within the adventure tourism industry considering their origins and history, latest trends and demographic groups. The author then goes on to look in more detail at: Wildlife Tourism, Marine Tourism, Helitourism, and Boardsports. Each chapter will include seven pedagogical elements:Introduction - what the chapter does and doesn't coverPlain-language review of the chapter topic with minimal referencing - essentially like lecture notesConcluding paragraph to the review section explaining how it leads to the next chapter(s)Review of recent research, condensed into tables where possibleRevision notes - a few pages of bullet points summarising the review and researchA sample set of assignment questions, 3-6 per chapter in some cases,Readings on relevant topics, condensed from previous publications.
Data wydania: 2010
ISBN: 978-1-85617-834-1, 9781856178341
Język: angielski
Wydawnictwo: Butterworth Heinemann

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