Cancer & the Heart

M. Ewer
Cancer & the Heart
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This unique text covers the complex interactions of multiple disease states in patients who have cancer and who either have or are expected to acquire significant heart disease. The text aims to help clinicians elevate and individualize medical treatment plans in order to improve quality of life for these challenging patients. The book is divided into three sections. The first outlines the effects of cancer treatment on the heart with particular attention to potential cardiotoxic agents such as anthracyclines. Section Two focuses on specific clinical problems experienced by cancer patients and the various cardiac imaging techniques used to monitor such patients during and following their treatment for malignancy. The final section looks at topics of vital concern to cancer patients, their healthcare providers and families. Specific groups of patients and connections with other organ systems are grouped together in Section Three. The authors hope to provide guidance in achieving a balance between two clinical strategies that may conflict with eachother, and yet achieve an optimal benefit to the patient. A cure for malignancy with end-stage heart disease as the sequel is equally as bad as a fully protected heart in a patient whose chance an oncologic cure was missed because of an unyielding concern to protect the heart from cardiotoxicity. This book is intended to help clinicians recognize these dilemmas and help them and their patients cope with the uncertainties that invariably arise. * Provides a much-need synthesis of the most important data on patients with dual diagnosis -- in one concise volume. * an up-to-the-minute resource for clinicians and investigators
Data wydania: 2006
ISBN: 978-1-55009-268-4, 9781550092684
Język: angielski
Wydawnictwo: BC Decker Inc

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