On Hallowed Ground

Colin McComb
On Hallowed Ground
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THE POWERS MOVE IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS. AT LEAST, THEY DID - UNTIL NOW. No ordinary tome can hold the powers of the planes, berk. That's why On Hallowed Ground is two books in one. In the first chapters, learn what divine compacts keep the gods from tearing the multiverse apart. Get the dark on turning player characters into proxies. Find out what happens when a spellslinger brings a petitioner back to life. And tumble to the awesome prestige - and awesome danger - of walking the Great Ring as a priest. The second part of On Hallowed Ground delivers the chant on hundreds of AD&D game powers, from Aasterrinian to Zivilyn - and just about every high-up in between. More than a summary of old material, it updates the AD&D game's gods for the PLANESCAPE campaign setting, featuring their trusted proxies, their brash rivalries, and their hard-won roles in the cosmos. Written for Dungeon Masters and players, this 192-page, full-color book includes: - 20 separate pantheons detailing the powers worshipped by humans, demihumans, and monsters (including the deities of the AD&D game worlds). Zues, Sung Chiang, Gruumsh, Takhisis - they're all here, based on chant from Legends & Lore, the DEITIES & DEMIGODS book, Monster Mythology, and AD&D game world sources. - New ideas and rules for priest characters on the planes. - Tips on creating, visiting, and surviving divine realms. - A look at powers favored by factions and planewalkers. - Comprehensive appendices listing gods by pantheon and portfolio. - Full-color maps of realms glorious and infernal.  
Data wydania: 1996-10-01
ISBN: 978-0-7869-0430-3, 9780786904303
Język: angielski
Wydawnictwo: Planescape
Seria: Planescape
Stron: 192

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