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Persuasion, Social Influence, and Compliance Gaininglooks at persuasion from a broad-based perspective, encompassing the full scope of persuasion found in everyday life. Linked to empirical research, this text takes students from persuasion theory to qualified conclusions about the operation of persuasion in real-world settings and examines persuasion from a social science perspective. Written in a highly accessible style, this text involves students by providing information and real-life examples with which they can easily identify.Pragmatic advice helps students become more effective persuaders and learn to resist others' influence. Recent research studies and findings, including those on the latest meta-analytic studies, provide students with the most current information in the field of persuasion. Helpful sidebars examine persuasion in specialized contexts and settings, such as car sales, funeral homes, telephone solicitations, and cult indoctrination. Unique discussions of several abstract forms of persuasion-such as subliminal persuasion, music as persuasion, and the use of fragrances in persuasion-show students the range and intricacies of persuasive messages they encounter every day. Broad scope includes discussions of influence in interpersonal settings, small group settings, and the mass media to make students more aware of the various types of persuasion surrounding them on a daily basis. "Visual Persuasion" (Ch. 14) helps students gain an appreciation of persuasion that includes images and visual media. Expanded, early examination of persuasion, propaganda, and manipulation clarifies for students the key differences among and between these terms. Enhanced discussion of cultural influences on persuasion-with most chapters including intercultural examples and illustrations-broadens students' understanding about the types and impact of persuasion in a variety of cultural settings. New section on analyzing and adapting to audiences, including information on segmentation analysis of target audiences, assists students in adapting their messages to particular audiences.
Data wydania: 2006
ISBN: 978-0-205-51264-5, 9780205512645
Język: angielski
Wydawnictwo: Allyn & Bacon

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