Justin Jordan

Justin Jordan

Autor, 42 lata
8.6 /10
7 ocen z 7 książek,
przez 1 kanapowicza
Urodzony 20 lutego 1978 roku
Justin Jordan is an American comic book writer. He is known for writing and co-creating The Strange Talent of Luther Strode, Spread, Dead Body Road, Deep State, Dark Gods and Savage Things. He has also written Green Lantern: New Guardians, Superboy, Deathstroke and Team 7 for DC Comics and the relaunch of Shadowman for Valiant Entertainment.

In 2012, he was nominated for the Harvey Award for Most Promising New Talent.

Książki (8)

Książka Death of Love
Death of Love
Justin Jordan
Love sucks. Philo Harris is going to do something about it. Philo was looking for love. He found it. It didn't go as planned, and now Philo is facing down an army of angry Cupidae and several gods. T...
Książka Spread, Vol. 1: No Hope
Spread, Vol. 1: No Hope
Justin Jordan
Cykl: Spread, tom 1
Ten years ago, we dug too deep and unleashed something we couldn’t control. Something that twisted and warped every living thing in its path. Something that remade the world in its own image. The Spre...
Książka Spread, Vol. 2: The Children's Crusade
Spread, Vol. 2: The Children's Crusade
Justin Jordan
Cykl: Spread, tom 2
Jack and Molly struggle to save No's life as enemies new and old come at them from all sides. Collects SPREAD #7-11.
Książka Spread, Vol. 3: No Safe Place
Spread, Vol. 3: No Safe Place
Justin Jordan
Cykl: Spread, tom 3
No and company have found their way to Sanctuary, the last piece of civilization in the Quarantine Zone. But they're going to find that even here, there's no place the Spread hasn't touched as they fi...
Książka Spread, Vol. 4: Outside
Spread, Vol. 4: Outside
Justin Jordan
Cykl: Spread, tom 4
Ravello has returned, gifted with terrible new abilities by the Spread, organizing the raiders of the Quarantine Zone into something the world has never seen. No and company are pushed to the limit in...
Książka Spread, Vol. 5: Damocles
Spread, Vol. 5: Damocles
Justin Jordan
Cykl: Spread, tom 5
It all ends here. No has taken Hope as far he can. Now, under threat from both Ravello's army, the Spread itself and the outside world, Hope and No will either save the world or destroy it. The final...
Książka Bloodshot Deluxe Edition Vol.2
Bloodshot Deluxe Edition Vol.2
Duane Swierczynski, Christos N. Gage, Peter Milligan, Clayton Crain ...
Cykl: Bloodshot Deluxe Edition, tom 2
Out of the ashes of Harbinger Wars, Bloodshot is about to join the weaponized men and women of the Harbinger Active Resistance Division – the black budget, technologically augmented strike force where...
Książka Breaklands. Season one : The Chase
Breaklands. Season one : The Chase
Justin Jordan
Cykl: Breaklands, tom 1
Mad Max meets Akira! In a future where history was reshaped by godlike psychics, Kasa Fain is the only girl in the world without a power of her own. When her brother is kidnapped, she's going to need...


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