Cardiovascular Physiology

David E. Mohrman
Książka Cardiovascular Physiology
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Fully updated to reflect the latest findings in basic science and clinical medicine,the fourth edition provides a concise,readable overview of the structure and integrated function of the cardiovascular system. Highlights include the latest on electrophysiology,expanded information on cellular aspects of cardiac and smooth muscle function,and added coveerage of blood and blood clotting. Other features include an attractive new two-color design with improved illustrations,abuandant use of flow diagrams,tables,and illustrations,study questions with annotated answers,and four new appendices: Blood Cells,plasma proteins,key CV Variables and Their Normal Determinants; Hemostasis.The book gives a concise but thorough overview of the basic concepts of cardiovascular physiology. Because of the plethora of new information stemming from cardiovascular research, this new edition comes as a welcome reference for those who wish to stay abreast without being overwhelmed by unnecessary methodological details. The previous edition was published in 1991. The book is intended to provide basic knowledge in cardiovascular physiology for students encountering the subject for the first time. Learning objectives are clearly stated at the beginning of each chapter to provide the reader with a glimpse of the contents and the expected learning outcomes. Although primarily intended for first-year medical students with little previous knowledge in the area, it nevertheless serves as a good review for residents and general practitioners who wish to keep abreast of the latest research findings and their practical applications. The chapters on integrative physiology are most welcome, but they could have gone into greater depth. The illustrations and flow diagrams are simple, informative, and easy to follow. The appendixes are handy for quick reference and review. The book is a useful and handy reference for medical students, residents, general practitioners, and teachers who wish to have a thorough grasp of cardiovascular physiology. Updated references provide the reader with recent developments and newer trends in the area. Written in a brief and concise manner, it provides adequate information and a sound foundation without being tedious. Study questions at the back of the book provide a good self-assessment for the student preparing for an exam. The book is a pleasure to readand have, for both the beginner and the practitioner. - Xenia T. Tigno.
Data wydania: 2003
ISBN: 978-0-07-138864-1, 9780071388641
Język: angielski
Wydawnictwo: McGraw-Hill

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