Complete ESL/EFL Cooperative & Communic Activity Book

S. Sloan
Complete ESL/EFL Cooperative & Communic Activity Book
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The Complete ESL/EFL Cooperative and Communicative Activity Book is a black-line master collection of activities based on the concepts of cooperative learning. The learner-directed activities are ideal for junior high through adult intermediate-level classrooms. In addition, suggestions are provided for adapting the activities for lower or higher level students. All of the activities in this book equip learners with what they need to be functioning members of a work group, and then assign tasks to the group that are both engaging and meaningful. Whether you are just becoming acquainted with the methodology of cooperative learning or have already used it successfully in your classroom, you will find these activities easy to use, effective, and enjoyable. This book is divided into three parts. The activities may be used in any order that complements the other instructional materials you are using. Part One contains strip-story units, focusing on themes such as 'Car Trouble,' 'Dating,' and 'Buying Music' that are of interest to diverse groups of students. Each unit includes a strip narrative and a strip dialog, along with comprehension and discussion/composition questions and extension activities. Part Two contains interviews and match-ups that require students to seek and provide information. Students will welcome the opportunity to get to know each other better through the entertaining interviews. Learners will also benefit from the lighthearted yet useful information found in activities such as 'Greeting Card Match-up,' in which they match phrases used in greeting cards with the occasions for sending the cards. Several of the match-ups are supplemented by crossword puzzles for vocabulary reinforcement. Part Three contains jigsaw activities that require groups of students to solve a problem or achieve a goal. Each jigsaw contains teacher directions, a student direction page, information pages, and a solution page. Students will enjoy the diversity of thought-provoking themes -- from the fantasy theme of 'Going to Treasure Island' to the more serious theme of 'Lower Wages for Youth' -- in which students debate an issue of special concern to them.
Data wydania: 1993
ISBN: 978-0-8442-0678-3, 9780844206783
Język: angielski
Wydawnictwo: National Textbook Company

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