Dark Side of the Internet Protecting Yourself

P. Bocij
Dark Side of the Internet Protecting Yourself
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In less than a decade, personal computers have become part of our daily lives. Many of us come into contact with computers every day, whether at work, school or home. As useful as the new technologies are, they also have a darker side. By making computers part of our daily lives, we run the risk of allowing thieves, swindlers, and all kinds of criminals directly into our homes. Armed with a personal computer, a modem and just a little knowledge, a thief can easily access confidential information, such as details of bank accounts and credit cards. This book is intended to help people avoid harm at the hands of Internet criminals. It offers a tour of the more dangerous parts of the Internet, as the author explains who the predators are, their motivations, how they operate and how to protect against them. Here, an expert helps readers recognise the signs of a would-be criminal in their midst. Paul Bocij looks at the different types of online criminals, from terrorists who recruit new members and raise money over the Internet, identity thieves who gather personal information and exploit it for criminal purposes, to spammers who can wreak havoc on businesses and individuals. Focusing on the perpetrators, the author provides information about how they operate, why they do it, what they hope to do, and how to avoid becoming a victim.
Data wydania: 2006
ISBN: 978-0-275-98575-2, 9780275985752
Język: angielski
Wydawnictwo: Praeger

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