In Pursuit of Proper Sinner

Elizabeth George
In Pursuit of Proper Sinner
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Cassie Johns is a lively young author on the brink of success. Driving through the beautiful Trough of Bowland to a fancy-dress party, she gives a lift to an attractive young man in an RAF uniform: ready for the party, Cassie assumes. But at the party there is no sign of the airman. Despite all warnings, Cassie becomes obsessed by the pilot: a man whose plane had crashed fifty years before, but whose long-ago love affair with a girl at Deer's Leap makes him unable to rest in peace. His romantic story takes Cassie into a war-torn past where old passion burns and becomes entwined with new.'If you are tired of shallow mysteries or crave something with more intellect than usual, put this book on the top of your To Be Read pile. It is a fascinating novel that harks back to the days when authors could explore their characters instead of having to worry about short attention spans and rigid page-count limits.' -- Katy Munger Mystery Review, Fall 1999 'Elizabeth George fans have long ago elevated her from mere master of the form, to goddess incarnate of great mystery writing. Her [Thomas Lynley/Barbara Havers] series...crackles with great dialogue and scenarios that make it impossible to be anything less than obsessed with the outcome....I highly recommend this latest novel as one of the best in a truly great series.' -- Sharon Ouderkirk
Data wydania: 1999
ISBN: 978-0-553-84026-1, 9780553840261
Język: angielski
Wydawnictwo: Broadway Books

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