Set-off Law and Practice 2e

W. Johnston
Książka Set-off Law and Practice 2e
Książka Set-off Law and Practice 2e
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The 2nd edition of Set-Off Law and Practice - An International Handbook is an invaluable guide to the application and practice of the rules of set-off in over 30 jurisdictions spanning Europe, Asia and the Americas. The work provides an at-a-glance port of call for UK banking and finance solicitors and foreign lawyers who wish to establish the pitfalls of set-off in a foreign jurisdiction. Since the publication of the first edition the use of set-off as a mechanism for risk reduction in cross-border financial contracts has continued to increase and the global financial crisis has meant that cases of bankruptcy and insolvency are more common than ever. Written by an expert contributor team from around the world, each chapter explains the principles of the rules of set-off in the jurisdiction concerned, followed by a short case study analysing the principles and relevant problems in practice. The book also includes comparative tables showing at a glance how the different aspects of set-off are applied in each country. This second edition has been fully updated to take into account developments in legislation and case law. New jurisdictions including China, Russia, Romania and Turkey have been added along with an introductory chapter written by the Editors drawing together the common themes and practices from the individual jurisdictional chapters.Unique jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction coverage of the law of set-off providing a first reference for lawyers giving instruction to foreign counselNew introductory chapter provides an overview of common themes and practices relating to set-offIncludes comparative tables giving at-a-glance key information across the jurisdictions coveredCase studies accompany each chapter to provide practical illustrations of difficult areasExpert contributor team drawn from leading firms around the worldNew to this edition:New introductory chapter provides an overview of common themes and practices relating to set-offInclusion of new jurisdictions including China, Russia, Romania and Turkey
Data wydania: 2010
ISBN: 978-0-19-957971-6, 9780199579716
Wydawnictwo: Oxford University Press

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