Introduction to Basic Chemistry 7e

S. Zumdahl
Introduction to Basic Chemistry 7e
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The Seventh Edition of INTRODUCTION TO BASIC CHEMISTRY, 7e, International Edition includes the first 16 chapters of INTRODUCTION TO CHEMISTRY: A FOUNDATION, 7e, International Edition. This new edition features a more explicit problem-solving pedagogy to help students develop critical thinking tools they can use in the introductory course and beyond. Capturing student interest through early coverage of chemical reactions, accessible explanations and visualizations, and an emphasis on everyday applications, the authors explain chemical concepts by starting with the basics, using symbols or diagrams, and concluding by encouraging students to test their own understanding of the solution. This step-by-step approach has already helped hundreds of thousands of students master chemical concepts and develop problem-solving skills. The book is known for its focus on conceptual learning and for the way it motivates students by connecting chemical principles to real-life experiences in chapter-opening discussions and "Chemistry in Focus" boxes. The Seventh Edition now adds a "questioning" pedagogy to in-text examples to help students learn what questions they should be asking themselves while solving problems, offers a revamped art program to better serve visual learners, and includes a significant number of revised end-of-chapter questions. The book's unsurpassed teaching and learning resources include a robust technology package that is now supported by OWL: Online Web Learning. * Exercises and models such as worked-out examples, self-check exercises, and skill development boxes support the authors'' step-by-step problem-solving method. * End-of-chapter material includes key terms, a summary of important facts, questions and problems arranged in matched pairs and keyed to chapter sections, additional problems that incorporate material from multiple sections, in-class discussion questions, and "Cumulative Reviews" that test concepts from preceding chapters. * The text builds and refreshes fundamental math skills such as scientific notation, rounding, and rearranging equations. In addition, Math Tips, indicated by icons throughout, help students as they perform calculations. * The book is also available in alternative versions: INTRODUCTION TO CHEMISTRY; A FOUNDATION, International Edition, which includes five additional chapters that cover equilibrium, oxidation-reduction reactions and electrochemistry, radioactivity and nuclear energy, organic chemistry, and biochemistry.(Chapters 1-21) and INTRODUCTION TO CHEMISTRY, International Edition which include additional coverage of equilibrium, oxidation-reduction reactions, electrochemistry, radioactivity, and nuclear energy (Chapters 1-19).
Data wydania: 2010
ISBN: 978-0-538-73664-0, 9780538736640
Język: angielski
Wydawnictwo: Brooks/Cole

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