Qualitative Methods for Business

P. Dewhurst
Ksi─ů┼╝ka Qualitative Methods for Business
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The new edition of Quantitative Methods for Business and Management offers a complete introductory course in Quantitative Methods, providing students with basic practical experience in quantitative approaches in modelling and analysis for business and management. The book features sections on foundation topics, models for business and management, and modelling and analyzing decisions. In particular, the new edition features greater coverage of statistics to reflect teaching in this area, with chapters on Elementary Statistics, Summary Statistics and Inferential Statistics. Other new areas of coverage in the second edition include Network Models and Non-linear Models. The book retains its popular style which offers students numerous examples accompanied by clear and straightforward explanations. Excel examples are also integrated throughout to help students to understand how this software tool is used by managers, and frequent questions and exercises enable students to test their understanding. A free CD contains Excel applications and solutions to the exercises in the textbook, and a full online learning centre completes an excellent learning package for business students.The new edition of Quantitative Methods for Business and Management offers a thorough grounding in Quantitative Methods which is ideal for an introductory course in this area. It aims to provide students with the key techniques and tools they need to tackle quantitative problems and applications, and provides an opportunity for practical experience in quantitative approaches in modelling and analysis for business and management.Enhanced coverage of statistics, developing the topic coverage to offer chapters on Elementary Statistics, Summary Statistics and Inferential Statistics A revised and restructured Part C offers further new chapters on Network Models and Non-linear Models Streamlined introductory material rewritten to offer a more concise introduction to the basic concepts of numbers and symbols A CD-ROM with illustrative worked examples from the text implemented in Microsoft Excel and new to this edition, complete answers to exercises within the textbook. Application: Packed with examples to demonstrate quantitative techniques in pracice, with clear and helpful explanations throughout Practice: Numerous Exercises and case study problems to apply the techniques to business decisions and offer essential problem-solving practice Flexibility: Short, self-contained sections covering a broad range of topics allow the book to be tailored to suit any quantitative techniques course. Ease of Use: Section prerequisites, learning objectives, summaries and key point boxes are accompanied by signpost references to enable easy navigation through the book.
Data wydania: 2006
ISBN: 978-0-07-710902-8, 9780077109028
J─Özyk: angielski
Wydawnictwo: McGraw-Hill

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