The Further Education of Oversoul Seven

Jane Roberts
The Further Education of Oversoul Seven
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In one of the most imaginative novels of our time, Jane Roberts--the celebrated author of The Seth Material and Seth Speaks--has concocted an exhilarating metaphysical romp through the universe. And what a tale it is! Birth, dreams, reincarnation, and out-of- body travel--all played out against a richly creative background where the limitations of time and space no longer matter. Oversoul Seven, the ageless entity first introduced in the popular Education of Oversoul Seven, faces new "lessons" as his quite-human incarnations grapple with basic questions of life and death. Lydia, a recently "deceased" twentieth-century woman, is reluctant to be reborn in seventeenth-century Sweden and demands a visit to the Land of the Gods. A despondent young man named Will contemplates suicide as an escape from his boredom. Josef can't decide if he wants to be a father after all, even though his wife is already in labor. But what are we to make of Jeffrey, a university psychologist who becomes the unwitting scribe for an automatic manuscript written by--whom? And what of the Rest Home for Old Gods where Zeus, Buddha, Allah, and Christ reminisce about their good old days? It seems that not even Cyprus, Seven's mentor, knows the answers to the problems of sanity, free will, and godhood that plague Seven. At once a provocative fantasy, a mind-stretching voyage to the inner lands of our being, and a vibrant celebration of life, The Further Education of Oversoul Seven is a novel that will provoke, amuse, and inspire you. Or has it already? For as Jane Roberts suggests--and as Seven learns--all time is simultaneous, and past, present, and future are really all one.  
Data wydania: 1986
ISBN: 0-13-345298-0, 0133452980
Język: angielski
Wydawnictwo: Prentice Hall
Cykl: Oversoul 7, tom 2
Stron: 196

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