Wastewater Engineering 4e

Craig Eddy
Książka Wastewater Engineering 4e
Książka Wastewater Engineering 4e
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Wastewater Engineering: Treatment and Reuse, 4/e is a thorough update of McGraw-Hill's authoritative book on wastewater treatment. No environmental engineering professional or civil or and environmental engineering major should be without a copy of this book- tt describes the technological and regulatory changes that have occurred over the last ten years in this discipline, including: improved techniques for the characterization of wastewaters; improved fundamental understanding of many of the existing unit operations and processes used for wastewater treatment, especially those processes used for the biological removal of nutrients; greater implementation of several newer treatment technologies (e.g., UV disinfection, membrane filtration, and heat drying); greater concern for the long term health and environmental impacts of wastewater constituents; greater emphasis on advanced wastewater treatment and risk assessment for water reuse applications; changes in regulations and the development of new technologies for wastewater disinfection; and new regulations governing the treatment, reuse, and disposal of sludge (biosolids). Greater concern for infrastructure renewal including upgrading the design and performance of wastewater treatment plants. This revision contains a strong focus on advanced wastewater treatment technologies and stresses the reuse aspects of wastewater and biosolids.Theory and design issues are now integrated in the chapters on physical, chemical, and biological operations and processes. Chapters covering the theory and design of biological treatment systems have been expanded significantly. SI units are now the lead units, reflecting the global approach to wastewater engineering as it is taught in universities and presented in technical journals. Data tables have been thoroughly updated, and approximately 40 new data tables have been added. Many new photos of facilities and equipment are included as well. Information is more organized and accessible than ever before. New design examplesChapters covering the theory and design of biological treatment systems have been expanded significantly.Combining this material presents a more unified approach to the subjects, and eliminates redundancies that appeared in the third edition. This change also allows more space in the book to be devoted to new technologies and practices. The change from US Customary units to SI units reflects the global approach to wastewater engineering as it is taught in universities and presented in technical journals. This change also addresses the volume of work being done by US consultants overseas, and supports the needs of engineering professionals outside the US for a comprehensive reference source. Updates provide students with the most recent information. Several new design examples have been added, reflecting the technological changes in process design that have occurred in the past 10 years.Do you want your students to be "fluent" in SI units? Would your students benefit from an added emphasis on design using a classic text in the field?
Data wydania: 2005
ISBN: 978-0-07-124140-3, 9780071241403
Wydawnictwo: McGraw-Hill

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