Arthur Engel

Arthur Engel

Autor, 92 lata
Urodzony w 1928 roku w Niemczech
Arthur Engel is a German mathematics teacher, educationalist and prolific author. His work has been translated into several languages. He has played a role in national and international mathematical competitions since 1970. Engel was one of the first to recognize the impact of electronic calculators and computers on mathematics teaching. In his view the focus should shift from learning how to apply algorithms, which could now be done by the machine, to learning how to build and test algorithms. He was also early to see the value of using computers to draw students into an interest and understanding of mathematics.


Exploring Mathematics with your Computer
Exploring Mathematics with your Computer
A. Engel
This is a mathematics book, not a programming book, although it explains Pascal to beginners. It is aimed at high school students and undergraduates with a strong interest in mathematics, and teacher...


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