Dr. Antonio Giordano

Dr. Antonio Giordano

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Urodzony 11 października 1962 roku we Włoszech (Neapol)
Dr. Antonio Giordano is an Italian-American pathologist and geneticist, best known for his discovery of Rb2/p130, a tumor suppressor gene. Dr. Giordano is the president, founder and chairman of the board of the Sbarro Health Research Organization (SHRO), a nonprofit organization committed to funding excellence in basic genetic research to cure and diagnose cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and other chronic illnesses, and to foster the training of young doctors in a spirit of professionalism and humanism.

Dr. Giordano is also the founder and director of the SHRO supported Sbarro Institute for Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine, as well as the Center for Biotechnology, which are both located in Temple University's College of Science and Technology. Dr. Giordano is also a 'Chiara fama' professor of pathology in the Department of Medicine, Surgery, and Neuroscience at the University of Siena, Italy where the Temple Summer in Siena Biomedical Research program is based.

Dr. Giordano earned his MD from the University of Naples in 1986, and he specialized in Pathology at the University of Trieste, earning his Ph.D in Pathology, summa cum laude.

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Cell Cycle Inhibitors in Cancer Therapy. Current Strategies
Cell Cycle Inhibitors in Cancer Therapy. Current Strategies
Dr. Antonio Giordano, Kenneth J. Soprano
Leading clinicians and investigators review in a comprehensible and user-friendly style all the latest information about the molecular biology of cell cycle control and demonstrate its clinical relev...
Molecular Pathology of Gynecologic Cancer
Molecular Pathology of Gynecologic Cancer
Alessandro Bovicelli, Robert J. Kurman, Dr. Antonio Giordano
This book focuses on putting successful molecular strategies into practice for the treatment of gynecologic cancer. It approaches research into the pathology and treatment of gynecologic oncology fro...
Breast Cancer in the Post-Genomic Era
Breast Cancer in the Post-Genomic Era
Dr. Antonio Giordano, Nicola Normanno
Breast Cancer is the most common tumor in women and the second leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide. Due to breakthroughs in gene profiling, the knowledge of the pathophysiology of the mammary gl...


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