Asthma & Rhinitis 2 vols

William Busse
Asthma & Rhinitis 2 vols
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The second edition of this highly-acclaimed text has been extensively revised and greatly expanded to reflect the considerable advances made in our understanding of the mechanisms of asthma and rhinitis. Containing the contributions of 242 experts of international standing, presented in 133 chapters, Asthma and Rhinitis provides an up-to-date, authoritative reference for both the clinician and scientist. The global approach given in this book mirrors the universal approach to the understanding of allergic disease. The editors have carried out a thorough and radical revision of its content by adding 6 new sections and no fewer than 44 new chapters. Most of this expansion is due to a greatly increased coverage of the clinical aspects of asthma, with new sections on childhood asthma and on drug treatment (in which each drug class has its own chapter). Also, the expansion of research into the genetic basis of asthma has necessitated a whole new section on Genetics comprising some six chapters. There are also new chapters on adult-onset asthma and the relationship of asthma to sinusitis. A new section on Asthma in Special Circumstances includes chapters on asthma in pregnancy, asthma and surgery, asthma in the elderly and asthma in the context of critical care. In bringing the Second Edition fully up to date, the book has inevitably increased in size, and is now presented in two volumes. The second edition of Asthma and Rhinitis will continue the tradition of its predecessor of providing an up-to-the-minute reference for all those involved in the management of, and research into, asthma and rhinitis.six new sections 659 illustrations44 new chapters two volumes thorough coverage of clinical management for the first time'There is a wealth of practical clinical and therapeutic information in this book. More important, for readers who are interested in asthma, this book skilfully presents a comprehensive review of the revolution in asthma research. The inquisitive reader wishing to understand the scientific basis for our clinical and therapeutic observations will be richly rewarded.' New England Journal of Medicine 'I can fully recommend this book for the active medical library.' Thorax (BMJ Publishing Group)
Data wydania: 2000
ISBN: 978-0-632-04175-6, 9780632041756
Język: angielski
Wydawnictwo: Blackwell Science

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