Alejandro Bachrach
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Barcelona, or la guapa ("the handsome one"), as its inhabitants call it,has much to offer. Surrounded by the Pyrenees to the north and theMediterranean Sea to the south, Barcelona has always attracted people fromall over the world. Narrow, twisting alleys, picturesque squares, countlessimposing buildings, shops offering hand-made wares, and stores catering togourmands lend the barri gňtic, the oldest section of the city, its uniquecharm. On the famous shopping stretch, las rambles, visitors can let theircares fade away and enjoy the special flair of the city. At the same time,the Catalonian metropolis displays its status as a center of fashion anddesign, famous art museums, and galleries. But Barcelona is also one ofthe most popular party cities in Europe, where you can dance into the weehours of the morning. Whether your taste runs to jazz, techno, flamenco ortango, live music or theater, Barcelona's nightlife includes something foreveryone. During! the daylight hours, the nearness of beaches and other excursiondestinations allow for a wonderful combination of busy big-city life andrelaxation. This book pays tribute to all facets of this unique city,which is without question one of the most interesting and culturallycompelling in Europe. Informative text and exceptional color photographscapture the character and atmosphere of Barcelona in an incomparable way.This brick-format book is itself an object of design, as dazzling as thecity it portrays!
ISBN: 978-3-89985-328-5, 9783899853285
Wydawnictwo: FEIERABEND

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