Barry Trotter And The Shameless Parody

Michael Gerber
Barry Trotter And The Shameless Parody
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The title of this humorous spin-off of the Harry Potter books is called ‘Barry Trotter and the shameless parody’ and is written by the author with a great sense of humour Michael Gerber. The genre of this book (for those who don’t know!) is a fictional parody based on the fictional Harry Potter books. The main plot of this hilarious book is that Barry Trotter is so important to Hogwash’s bottom-line that he is allowed to stay there for as long as he likes, It has been announced that a film is being made of J.G Rollins’ books and Bumblemore sends Barry and his friends on a mission to stop the film and it’s cheap merchandise being made. This may all sound incredibly unusual, and it is, as there is many plot-twists and you have to read carefully to find out what is actually happening in the story as the plot changes dramatically as the book progresses. The opening of the book is very exciting but also quite slow as it shows Barry’s life in Hogwash and the situation with the muddles struggle to get close to Hogwash’s most famous student, all of this is not a bad thing though as it really sets the scene of the story and the rest of the plot unfolds smoothly from there. The main characters are: Barry, the well-off twenty-two year old adult with a childlike personality who sets the real tone for the book. Ermine, the wise young woman who guides Barry basically throughout the whole book and goes on the quest with him. Lon, a mentally disabled companion of Barry’s who will stay with him forever, Barry and Lon have an amazing bond and under the crazy outer-shell Lon is very emotional. These are the only really main characters in the book but there are others introduced throughout like: Serious, Barry’s devious uncle, Bumblemore, the headmaster, Lord Valumart, Barry’s arch-enemy who we also find out is Art Valumord, the lead-singer of Barry’s favourite rock band, Valid Tumour Alarm. These are but a few of the great characters introduced, there are too many to mention. Lord Valumord is a particularly interesting character as he wants to be Barry’s friend as well as arch-enemy, I also love his one liner jokes. At the start the characters are described in shed-loads of detail but not all of it so it is good as as the plot goes on we learn more about the characters. Another good thing is that Gerber explains about the characters in accordance with what’s happening which is very clever. This story is written in third- person as it is important to the story because it follows different characters around so first person would make it hard to read. The setting of the story is mainly Barry, who is described in great detail. The characters thoughts and feelings were not stated in huge amounts of detail which in a way is a good thing as this would make too much detail to take in. I don’t think there are many things which can be improved as the author has obviously taken much time in thinking about but he could’ve made th
ISBN: 978-0-575-07454-5, 9780575074545
Język: angielski
Wydawnictwo: Victor Gollancz
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