Bond Markets Analysis & Strategies 4e

F. Fabozzi
Bond Markets Analysis & Strategies 4e
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For undergraduate or graduate-level courses in Bonds and Investments, and other upper-level college courses in Economics or Finance that focus on bond markets.This comprehensive textbook on bonds takes a practical real-world approach to the subject. It contains detailed presentations of each type of bond and includes a wide range of products. Extensive discussions include not only the instruments, but also their investment characteristics, the state-of-the art technology for valuing them, and portfolio strategies for using them.NEW - Updated analytical techniques-In the valuation of bonds with embedded options and measures. Enables students to assess the interest rate risk of complex instruments. Ex.___NEW - Strategies for accomplishing investment objectives-In particular coverage on employing derivative instruments has been updated to reflect recent developments. Allows students to have the most current information available. Ex.___NEW - Recent product information. Provides students with the latest developments in mortgage and asset backed securities. Ex.___Offers detailed coverage of various market sectors. Includes mortgage-backed securities, asset-backed securities, technologies for valuing complex bond structures, actual bond portfolio management strategies and interest rate derivatives. Ex.___Excerpts from weekly trade publications. Presents students with valuable information and components of end-of-chapter questions. Ex.___Links between theory and practice. Helps students understand the latest analytical techniques for valuing complex bond structures. Ex.___Explains the bond strategies that are used by institutional investors. Students can see how professional money managers employ strategies using bonds. Ex.___Explains Portfolio strategies employing interest rate derivative instruments. Students see actual applications of interest rate derivatives. Ex.___Numerous problems in each chapter. Gives students the opportunity to apply learned skills on all topics. Ex.___
Data wydania: 2000
ISBN: 978-0-13-085913-6, 9780130859136
Język: angielski
Wydawnictwo: Prentice Hall

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