Calculated Risk

Katherine Neville
Calculated Risk
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The Washington Post Book World called Katherine Neville's bestselling novel The Eight "a feminist answer to Raiders of the Lost Ark". Now, Neville remakes the rules of adventure fiction again with a gripping tale of financial intrigue and mesmerizing romance that whirls from the high-power money centers of New York and San Francisco to Paris and a breathtaking Greek island. Verity Banks is the senior woman executive at the Bank of the World, a prestigious financial institution with offices around the globe. Head of Electronic Funds Transfer - and supervisor of some of the bank's most dedicated computer geniuses - Verity lives and breathes the world of big money. But when her power-hungry boss, Kislick Willingly III, axes her proposal to step up the bank's computer security, Verity finds herself thinking some remarkably treacherous thoughts. Her plan is simple. She'll break through automated security and hide some money in a place no one will find it - inside the bank's own computer system. She'll then point out to senior management how easy such a theft really is. It's a perfect caper (and perfectly harmless) until the reappearance of Dr. Zoltan Tor. Tor is the financial wizard who, twelve years earlier, taught his protege Verity everything about technology, commerce, and the fine art of sensual living. Now Tor is back with a challenge: Which of them can steal a billion dollars and invest it to earn thirty million in three months? To tempt her to take such an enormous risk, Tor gives Verity an edge: she can use a computer for her theft, but he cannot... A fascinating insider's look into the world of high-stakes banking, A Calculated Risk is also an immensely enjoyable thriller of theultimate scam, in which the players jet around the world, team up with bankers and baronesses, and, along the way, discover each other fully for the first time.
Data wydania: 1994
ISBN: 978-0-345-38682-3, 9780345386823
Język: angielski
Wydawnictwo: Ballantine


Katherine Neville Katherine Neville Katherine Neville (ur. 4 kwietnia 1945 w St. Louis) amerykańska pisarka. Jej powieści zostały przetłumaczone na ponad 40 języków. Po polsku dotychczas ukazały się: Ósemka (The Eight) Gra (The Fire) Magiczny krąg (The Magic Circle) @Link @Link

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