Anthony Philip Thirlwall

Anthony Philip Thirlwall

Autor, 80 lat
Urodzony 21 kwietnia 1941 roku w Wielkiej Brytanii
Anthony Philip Thirlwall is Professor of Applied Economics at the University of Kent. He has made major contributions to regional economics; the analysis of unemployment and inflation; balance of payments theory, and to growth and development economics with particular reference to developing countries. He is the author of the bestselling textbook Economics of Development: Theory and Evidence (Palgrave Macmillan) now in its ninth edition. He is also the biographer and literary executor of the famous Cambridge economist Nicholas Kaldor. Perhaps his most notable contribution has been to show that if long-run balance of payments equilibrium is a requirement for a country, its growth of national income can be approximated by the ratio of the growth of exports to the income elasticity of demand for imports (Thirlwall's Law).


Trade Liberalisation and The Poverty of Nations
Trade Liberalisation and The Poverty of Nations
Anthony Philip Thirlwall, Penelope Pacheco-Lopez
Orthodox trade and growth theory, and the world's multilateral development institutions, extol the virtues of trade liberalisation and free trade for more rapid economic development of poor countries....


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