John Norman Abelson

John Norman Abelson

Autor, 82 lata
Urodzony w 1938 roku w USA (Grand Coulee, Washington)
John Abelson is George Beadle Professor of Biology Emeritus at the California Institute of Technology. Dr. Abelson is one of the major figures in the area of gene expression. His work has made possible an understanding of how the products of genes, RNA precursors, are matured to give their functional products. He is also the President and Executive Director of the Agouron Institute, a charitable research organization that supports new research frontiers and technologies in biology and geology.
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Uncle Phil and the Atomic Bomb
Uncle Phil and the Atomic Bomb
John Norman Abelson, Philip H. Abelson
Uncle Phil and the Atomic Bomb is the story of Philip Abelson, a highly regarded scientist, the editor of Science magazine, and the President of the Carnegie Institution of Washington. The story begin...


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