Stepbrother Broken

Colleen Masters
Stepbrother Broken
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Only Lukas Hawthorne could simultaneously break my spirit, crush my dreams…and make me dripping wet. He’s a legend on campus—a star athlete with records that’ll never be broken. I always see him on campus walking around with some new hot piece of ass, and I dream about what it would be like to be the one on his arm… It’s totally unfair to have such an effortlessly handsome grad student as my TA. Who knew economic theory could be so sexy? Problem is, I’ve been so distracted by him all semester that now I’m failing his course, and I need pass if I hope to graduate on time. He wants to meet with me after class, to discuss how I can make up my grade this summer…extra assignments, private lessons…whatever it takes. But when a disgusting realization is made—our student-teacher sex sessions are permanently interrupted. Our parents are engaged. They’re madly in love and can’t wait to make me, Lukas, and all of our siblings one big happy family. To make matters worse, we have to endure a family vacation at his father’s lake house. Together. A million miles away from everything. Thing is, the more inappropriate my desire is for him, the more intensely it burns...and he isn’t shy about meeting me halfway. According to him, we’re going to defile every room and every surface of his father’s house before we go back to school. Challenge accepted.  
Data wydania: 2015-08-27
ISBN: 978-1-5171-0408-5, 9781517104085
Język: angielski
Wydawnictwo: Hearts Collective Publishing
Cykl: Hawthorne Brother, tom 2
Stron: 203

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