The School for Good and Evil: The Ever Never Handbook

Soman Chainani
The School for Good and Evil: The Ever Never Handbook
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Wish you could go to the School for Good and Evil? Now you can! Join the ranks of heroes and villains who have walked these hallowed halls and mastered what it takes to be placed in their own fairy tales with The Ever Never Handbook. Soman Chainani’s New York Times bestselling series (The School for Good and Evil, A World Without Princes, and The Last Ever After) comes to life in this handbook full of everything students need to learn in order to survive their own fairy tale—from dress codes and school rules to alumni portraits, kingdom maps, and much, much more. Every year, students flock to the School for Good and Evil, ready to prepare for life in a fairy tale. The highest-ranked students become the heroes and villains of the fairy tales, while the lowest end up enchanted animals or plants (if they’re lucky, that is). This handbook is a personal guide to help students to the top of their class—from surviving Uglification, to picking your own sidekick or henchman, to earning a part in the yearly school musical, and so much more. And of course, it’s in glorious full color and duotone because in the School for Good and Evil, very little is black-and-white. Book Description Welcome to the School for Good and Evil! The greatest of heroes and villains have come through our classrooms before they ventured into the Endless Woods to find their stories . . . and now you will join their ranks. Use this handbook as a guide to help you navigate through your years at school. Everything you need is inside: what to bring, what to wear, and most importantly, how to stay out of the Doom Room. Here, you’ll learn about your classes, meet your professors, and get an inside look at our first-year traditions like the Trial by Tale, the Circus of Talents, and the Snow Ball. And should you need advice, you won’t have to look far for role models: our most illustrious alumni are here to help Evs and Nevs! Forget this official stuff—I’ll tell you everything you really need to know to survive and all the good stuff the teachers won’t tell you.. Plus, I have the secret scoop on Sophie, Agatha, and Tedros. . . . Meet me inside!—Hester Experience the School for Good and Evil like never before with this must-have companion to the bestselling series. Glorious illustrations invite you to pore over maps, see characters for the first time, and get an inside look at what it’s like to be a student at the most enchanted school of all.  
Data wydania: 2016-07-12
ISBN: 978-0-06-242305-4, 9780062423054
Język: angielski
Wydawnictwo: Harper Collins
Stron: 304
dodana przez: bookkeeper


Soman Chainani Soman Chainani Soman Chainani – amerykański pisarz i filmowiec, najbardziej znany z cyklu fantasy Akademia Dobra i Zła. Znalazł się on na liście bestsellerów dziennika „The New York Times”, został przetłumaczony na 32 języki, a w 2022 ukazał się film na jego podst...

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